A bumper update – a lot of cricket and a little bit of soccer


This update was nearly procrastinated for another week. When I logged on to try and get it sorted, my site seemed to have vanished. The awesome folks who host my site, Texo, were on the case immediately, though and I had no reason to put it off any more. So, some of what I’ve done over the last few weeks is below.

There’s not all that much happening in cricket now that the Ashes is over. Well, there’s the whole hoohaa between the BCCI and CSA, but that’s just playing broken telephone. Instead of repeating everything that’s been said, I’ve been either taking the piss or looking at more creative ideas for revenue. Here are some pieces:

Let’s make cricket’s revenue a bit more communist

The BCCI and CSA are still undecided over the former’s scheduled tour to South Africa later this year. One of the primary factors at play is the revenue a touring India side brings to the country that hosts it. It’s becoming increasingly clear, then, that the revenue sharing for cricket needs another look. Read the full article on The Daily Maverick.

Why not play T20 like Sevens Rugby?

T20 cricket cannot be ignored. It’d be easy to stick fingers into one’s ears and sing loudly until it goes away – except it’s not going anywhere. It’s a profitable format with huge potential, but it’s being stifled by many factors. Here’s a case for playing T20 internationals on an entirely different circuit compared to other international cricket. Read the full article on The Daily Maverick.

Dear cricket fans…

Sometimes I do a bite of tongue-in-cheek. Thanks be to my editor at Sport24 who went and published this. The reaction on Twitter was lovely and people seemed to like it, despite me thinking it wasn’t really all that great. You can read the column on Sport24

And now onto soccer…When the cricket is on a lull, there’s always soccer to keep be busy and luckily, the action never stops there.

Qatar and it’s World Cup hoo-haa

 Should they, shouldn’t they, will they, won’t they. Debate rages on about whether the 2022 Qatar World Cup should be moved to winter in the Gulf country. More importantly, though, why did Qatar get the World Cup in the first place? It’s all a bit dubious. You can read just how dubious here.

Rambo rolling on

Aaron Ramsey used to be so hated that people used to send him death threats on Twitter. Now he is one of the most important players in Arsenal’s, well, arsenal. Read about his journey back from his broken leg.

Depression is a ghastly thing

Since the release of Football’s Suicide Secret, a documentary which delves into the issues of depression and mental health problems in soccer, the PFA chairman, Clarke Carlisle, has been inundated with calls for help. Some countries have been fairly progressive in their approach, but there is a great need for action across the board. Read the story here.

Victor Wanyama, Kenya’s golden boy

He’s just 22 years old, but he’s already made Rod Stewart cry and made history by becoming the first Kenyan to play in the English Premier League. Remember the name Victor Wanyama, because he’s destined to be a star. A short profile is on The Atlantic Post.