the empire has fallen and it will try to rise again it had the strength of 100 horses and 1000 armed men but the empire has fallen, will it ever rise again? the king and the queen had to forfeit their crowns their empire is burning and the troops are trying to kill the flames … Read moreempire

romance in the time of mobile broadband pt1

connecting…. you are now connected at 4mbps. heart beats at 4beats per second. connecting for… …connection. social networks for social interaction. names. nicknames. pseudonyms all over the screen. outbox. inbox. feelings box. boxed and botched. attracted to an idea a person living inside my computer screen in my inbox. are you sure you want to … Read moreromance in the time of mobile broadband pt1

ib and ic

I saved another planet today. (superhero) I am kind of like Batman, because I don’t have any super powers. I’m just a super nova. I’ll outshine all of these galaxies. I could be your shock wave. If only it weren’t for these black holes…   ib and ic are types of supernovas.