Savoury muffins, bacon, cheese and spinach


I love baking. The problem is, most of the things I bake are sweet. I don’t really like sweet things, I’m sweet enough (ha ha). These often go to waste, a great shame. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across the idea that savoury muffins are a possibility. Incredible.

You can mix the filling up and try a few variations on the recipe below.

1 cup of grated cheese (mature cheddar works well)
1 cup of self raising flour
1/2 cup of wholemeal flour
1 egg
125ml of milk

Note on the flour: you don’t have to mix in the wholemeal, if you only have normal flour, that’s fine too.

Optional extras: A cup of shredded spinach, a few pieces of feta, 100g of pancetta

If you use bacon or pancetta, cook it before hand and set aside to cool before mixing it all in.



Mix egg and milk in a jug or cup.

Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix to combine the ingredients (and the extras, if you’re using them)

Add the egg and milk and fold in gently (the texture of the mix is meant to be lumpy

Spoon mixture into a greased muffin tin

Bake for around 20 minutes at a preheated oven of 200 degrees

To test if the muffins are cook through, stick a toothpick or similar in one, if there is residue on the stick, bake for a while longer

These quite often stick to their muffin casings, so wait for them to cool if you want to avoid it all falling apart when getting them out. Otherwise, try creasing the muffin casings before you put the mixture in.

I’ve tried it now with spinach, feta and bacon and bacon, spinach and cheddar.

Too yum. This is why I’m fat.