Sport360 Ashes Review and the hustle of writing to spec


Writing for online is easy. ¬†You have as much space as you like and if you start one point that leads to another and then another which reinforces your first point, there’s no issue. Writing for print, not so much. I’d covered a tour for newspapers before, but that was far easier. More match reports and quotes pieces kind of stuff.

Over the course of The Ashes, I wrote for Sport360, the only sports daily in the world. It wasn’t the usual match report and quotes pieces stuff, though. Instead, whenever I filed copy it had to be something more opinion-based. That’s fine, I have enough opinions, but when you’re only given a certain amount of words because your copy is going to go into a certain block somewhere in a laid out paper, things become pretty tricky. If your one point runs into another point, you sometimes have to rewrite it or find new ways to make your point in a truncated way. This is easy if you have stats to back up something, but you still have to be coherent.

It was a great challenge – deadline challenges weren’t that tough since I’m used to filing “on the whistle”. We wrapped it up yesterday with a massive review spread, a truncated view of it below. Excuse my face. Also, you won’t be able to read the copy with player ratings and the rest. The bulk of the copy relating to England were better when it mattered most, can be found here.

ashes review